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The Flower
The most pleasing gift that goes straight to the heart. A living flower is a creative source, a transforming force. The design on this shawl conveys the evanescent, understated beauty of a flower which seems to live within the folds of chiffon.
The seductive transparency draws the eye and one can't help but admire the elegance of the wearer, an unspoken admiration that avoids the vulgarity of a spoken compliment. The colours Yellow expresses joy, happiness and uninhibited affection while blue is for patience and introspection reflecting the silence of contemplation, the ideal background for considering the beauty of both garment and wearer. The intermingling of the sea blue wave and the sun bright yellow create the earth firm green conveying perseverance and endurance in the face of continuous transformations. White and black form a backdrop matrix which fades into shades of grey softening the contrasts and creating a sense of perspective, a metaphor for life which only occasionally flows in straight lines.
The ideal gift for a woman who will understand and value it and know how to play with the folds to create different effects.

Handpainted silk chiffon

Fashion Designer

Black and White - Arts & Fashion

Personal Bridal
She entered the candle lit lobby, suffused with the scent of flowers and honeysuckle, almost marching in time to the beat of the
invigorating wedding march that spilled from the main hall.

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